Roswell Voyage | This is not a watch
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Roswell Voyage

This is not a watch

It started with a grain that escaped from an hourglass to form stars in the eyes of these passionate creators. And the hopes for a unique and authentic movement, which would showcase their talent and audacity. The hopes for an adventure beyond the dream that would break through the creative and knowledge barriers.
It started with a seed of folly, too great to keep enclosed and confined in a watch dial.
After presenting their new movement and a new range of timepieces in 2015, the Schwarz Etienne today presents the Roswell Voyage. The invasion has begun. And, as always, two letters –SE – suffice to recognise them.

A journey into the heart of the mountains

The Roswell Voyage braved the elements, the cold, and the snow; the tale of its adventures nestled within.

Have you perchance spotted a strange light in the dark of night, above the most famous Swiss peak? A majestic vessel enclosing the most precious of secrets? Roswell is amongst us. After a first successful landing at Baselworld 2015, Manufacture Schwarz Etienne’s latest creation, the Voyage version, crossed time and space in just a year to reach the most daring aficionados. Because the Roswell is more than just a watch – this collection is an invitation to break the mould.

In its heart in a hermetically sealed capsule, this exceptional timepiece holds a fragment of the most emblematic of Swiss mountains. The Roswell Voyage thus carries with it a real piece of the land of watchmaking, which it bestows upon its holder like a secret that must be kept.
With the launch of its Roswell collection, Schwarz Etienne beckoned the beholder to discover a new universe. It is now time to continue the journey into the heart of the mountains.